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Business Lines of Credit


Flexible and revolving, United Bank's Business Lines of Credit can help your business bridge short-term cash flow deficiencies. Our competitive-rate credit lines also can help your company act quickly to make inventory or equipment purchases without having to reapply for a loan and wait for approval.

Pay interest only on the funds you have drawn and borrow up to your credit limit without reapplying, as long as the account is open.


  • Revolving credit lines can be drawn down and repaid repeatedly, up to credit limit
  • Advances are typically tied to a formula of accounts receivable, inventory and/or equipment
  • Interest accrues only on amount borrowed, only until principal is repaid
  • One-time approval provides repeated, instant access to funds simply by writing a check against the account
  • Very competitive interest rates
  • Our commercial lenders average more than 20 years with United Bank, offering tremendous expertise and continuity to your business