About Us


About Us

As some things in the world get more impersonal, it's comforting to know that your local United Bank of Michigan here in Grand Rapids is still your hometown bank. Even though United Bank offers the products and technology that make for easy banking, we haven't lost sight of the personalized service that has been bringing customers to our counters for generations.

Sure, we've grown since 1887, but we're still small enough to know your name when you come in the door, and we still believe that our success depends on your success.

When your family celebrates buying a new home, a child's graduation, or a loved-one's wedding, we celebrate with you. We're also here for you when you need us-to answer questions. Person to person you can always talk to your local United Bank of Michigan specialists who are happy to guide you through some of life's biggest financial decisions.

Good things happen when people get United.

Our History - A Century Strong

More than 128 years after its founding in Wayland, United Bank's strong history continues to inspire success.

Still closely held, United Bank now has assets over $500 million and is a leading small business lender. United Bank also remains deeply committed to the thousands of households and many communities we serve-including the one where we started out.

We have come a long way from our beginnings as a small-town bank, but remembering where we've been helps us to take you where you want to go.

- The Wayland Exchange Bank, the first bank in Wayland, was opened in 1887 by Ensign W. Pickett. It was a private bank, located in the Pickett Brothers' General Store, and was a success from the very beginning.

- In 1903, Pickett thought it was best to incorporate under state law. The bank's stock was quickly subscribed, and on January 1, 1904, it opened for business as The Wayland State Bank, with capital of just $20,000.

- Wayland State Bank weathered the storms of the stock market crash and the bank crises of the 1930s. By 1940, assets had grown to $500,000. It was then that young Arthur H. Johnson came to Wayland as a cashier at the bank. An experienced banker, Johnson brought with him a new level of management expertise and a desire to expand.

- By 1972, Johnson was joined in the business by his son, Arthur C. Johnson, and daughter, Bonnie K. Miller. In 1977, assets had reached $34 million. Although we still were serving agricultural communities, there was a definite need to provide banking services to the communities around Grand Rapids.

- The 1980s brought rapid growth and a succession of changes. In January 1980, a branch was opened in Gun Lake, our name was changed to United Community Bank, and United Community Financial, a one bank holding company, was formed.

- In 1983, our first Grand Rapids office opened, and our name officially changed to United Bank of Michigan.

- By 1997, United Bank went live with its first website.

- In 2007, technology was booming and United Bank was among the first community banks in Michigan to offer mobile banking.

- Today, Arthur C. Johnson is chairman of the bank, and Michael J. Manica is president and CEO.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"We chose United Bank because it is locally owned and operated, and we wanted to establish a relationship with a community oriented bank. It's been a pleasure working with United Bank's staff members."   ~ Annette B.

"Tell Art Johnson (United Bank, Chairman) you really live up to what you advertise. Your service has been fantastic."   ~ Daniel R.

"Their vast knowledge and truly magical abilities to solve any problems or alleviate any concerns have never ceased to amaze me. The quality of customer service is the very best."   ~ Lisa R.

"Thank you for your continuous support of community events - and raising the bar of quality in our home town."   ~ Jackie S.

"I want to thank you for how smoothly the whole loan process went. It was seamless and I want to thank you for that."   ~ Jay G.

"You're going to get personal service, everyone's going to know you by your first name, and if you need anything they're going to take care of it."  ~ Chad K.